Why Shuffle?

The blockchain platform "Shuffle" is a bridge between
digital asset and fiat world, providing a wide range of payment service.


Shuffle provides a function which user can utilize their digital assets by converting cryptocurrency into Shuffle point and making purchases. Also, Shuffle point can be topped-up with credit card, bank transfer, and various digital coupons.

Security & Trust

Shuffle provides a strong security and establishes an efficient trust as our mainnet Taycan is built on decentralized blockchains.


By supporting a Shuffle wallet in-app, it provides convenient, fast and low-cost transactions within Shuffle ecosystem.


Shuffle coin(SFL) is rewarded to Shuffle ecosystem participants(users, merchants, validators etc.) and the reward benefits are extended as participation increases.


Shuffle point can be exchanged for various digital asset and gift points so that user is motivated to participate in Shuffle ecosystem.


Shuffle provides seamless integration with mobile apps including scalable efficiency through the application of smart contracts in Taycan.

Shuffle is built on Taycan mainnet

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