Before introducing the HUPAYX project, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following:

Please read carefully all the details of the disclaimer in this whitepaper. If you are unsure of your future actions, we recommend you seek advice from legal, financial, tax, and other experts.

[Legal Authority]

HUPAYX does not guarantee any liability from the information in this whitepaper. This whitepaper is intended to introduce the contents of a reasonable business model that has been researched and developed by HUPAYX for a long time.

[Notice Obligation]

The project-related coins in this whitepaper do not correspond to financial investment products such as securities, and issuance does not correspond to the offer or solicitation of financial investment products.

In this whitepaper, you can set the quantity of soft cap in the process of project-related IEO and return and discontinue all purchases if the issuance of Digital Currency does not reach soft cap.

This whitepaper is intended to provide necessary information to those who wish to participate in the project and is not an investment recommendation.

The technologies and representations contained in this whitepaper do not constitute the commitments of the issuer and are not legally binding to the parties concerned, such as the issuer.

Please note that the information in this whitepaper may be changed or updated without notice.

This whitepaper contains only verifiable information and notifies you of any changes to the plan or policy in the event of inevitable changes in the project through the website or the terms of use.

This whitepaper has been distributed for general reference purposes only to this project and may be reviewed and revised as of the time it was created.

Please note that this whitepaper reflects the latest information based on the cover date and is not the final version. After that date, the information contained in this document may change, such as the business operation and financial status of this project.

This whitepaper may be updated irregularly. No one is obliged to enter into a contract or legally binding pledge related to the sale of tokens issued in this project, and shall not receive funds based on this whitepaper.

Tokens issued in this project are not intended to constitute securities, business trusts, or collective investment plans, and each definition of which follows the definition set forth by the equivalent provisions of other jurisdictions.

Therefore, this whitepaper is not provided in the business plan, business prospectus, proposal, etc. and should not be construed as an investment proposal or offer under any jurisdiction, such as securities, business trusts, or collective investment plans.

Tokens issued in this project shall not be understood, interpreted, classified or treated as an opportunity to engage buyers in relation to the product or to receive any ROI / income / payment / profit or any portion thereof.

You may not copy, otherwise distribute this document, in whole or in part, in jurisdictions for which the coin / token issuance methods set forth in this white paper are regulated or prohibited.

The information in this whitepaper has not been reviewed, inspected or approved by the regulatory authorities. These actions have not and will not be taken under any jurisdiction.

If you wish to purchase a token issued by this project, you must not understand, interpret, classify, or handle them as follows:

Distributing or disseminating all or part of this whitepaper or it's restrictions on the distribution and dissemination of derivatives or units or securities, such as currencies other than Digital Currency, stocks & bonds issued by any institution, rights, options, derivatives, ROI, collective investment plans, business trusts, contract guarantees intended or implied for loss avoidance purposes, etc. may be prohibited and restricted by the legal or regulatory requirements of any jurisdiction.

Where restrictions apply, you must be familiar with the restrictions applicable under the possession of this whitepaper, seek legal advice and comply with them.

If you view or possess this whitepaper, this whitepaper or its contents shall not be shared with others, you shall not allow or cause this to happen for any purpose, such as distribution, reproduction, or otherwise.

Certain statements in this whitepaper contain forward-looking statements about the future, future events, and prospects of the project.

These statements are not based on historical facts and are identified by words and phrases similar to the words: forecast, estimation, belief, expectation, projection, etc. In addition to this whitepaper, these forward-looking statements may also be included in other public materials, such as presentations, interviews, videos, etc. The forward-looking statements contained in this whitepaper include, but are not limited to, future results, performance, and achievements of this project.

Forward-looking statements also involve a variety of risks and uncertainties.

As of the date of this whitepaper, this project, the HUPAYX Platform, is not complete or in full operation.

The tokens issued in this project in the future have been described on the premise that the HUPAYX platform will be completed and fully operational, but this should not be interpreted as a guarantee or commitment to the completion and full operation of the platform.

Before deciding to purchase and participate in tokens issued by this project, we recommend that you read the following carefully and fully analyze and understand the relevant factors and risks.

Risk of storage-related buyer negligence, including limited access to tokens issued by this project due to the loss of identification information, and loss of essential personal keys related to the digital wallet.

Risk of fluctuations in value in this project and after token issuance due to the global market, and the economic situation.

Risks related to changes in the regulatory environment of the country in which the business is operated, such as changes in the political, social, or economic environment, changes in the stock or Digital Currency market environment, and risks associated with changes in the ability to compete with the project in these circumstances.

In certain jurisdictions, existing / new regulations regarding blockchain technology may be applied against tokens issued by this project.

Tokens issued in this project are risks related to the public's limited interest in creating and developing distributed applications, and lack of interest by companies, individuals and other organizations in the platform or services.

The risk of making significant changes to the token issued by this project or to the platform's key features and specifications before launching or implementing the HUPAYX ecosystem.

ㅏlthough we intend that the functionality of the tokens issued by this project will match the contents of this white paper, these changes can be applied nonetheless.

Tokens issued by this project are competitive risks to other platforms that could potentially affect the platform adversely. (e.g. no commercial success due to a competitive project or a gloomy outlook)

The occurrence of catastrophic events, such as force majeure and natural disasters, and other uncontrollable factors may affect the business operation of the project.

Events such as mining attacks, attacks by hackers or other individuals may cause theft and loss of token sale proceeds, theft and loss of tokens, and the impairment of ecosystem development capabilities.

Tokens and other Digital Currency issues in this project are new and unproven technologies and are constantly evolving.

The complete functionality of the token issued by this project is not yet complete and there is no guarantee of completion. As technology evolves, the advances in encryption technology and methods, changes in consensus algorithms, etc. may pose risks to the use of token ecosystems and tokens issued by this project.

Tax and accounting methods of tokens issued in this project are uncertain and may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
The purchase of tokens issued by this project may adversely affect tax processing, and we recommend that you find out the independent tax advice.

In addition to the risks listed above, there are other risks issues by the project that affiliates can't predict.

Risks of unexpected combinations and variations can also be introduced.
If the above risks and uncertainties are developed in real life, the project's business, financial status, operational results, prospects, etc. can be substantially and negatively affected.

. Project Related Policy Changes (Laws, Bylaws, Regulations)
. Technical Limitation Related to the Implementation of the Project
. Change to the Project's Operational Policies
. The Scope of the New Project
. Unavoidable Schedule Changes and Disruptions

[Compliance Base]

This whitepaper is based on the laws, policies and by laws at the time of writing. The following items in the project's contents may change according to the regulations of the relevant country.

. Certification and procedures for the transfer and exchange of digital currency between different countries
. Subscription condition for use of the exchange (Real name account, OTP, KYC)
. Information exchanges between banks that manage escrow accounts, and incoming and outgoing deposits (Insurance, Name, Financial Policy)
. Information exchange between us and our affiliates (Customer Information, Quote Information, Transaction Information)
. Payment terminal specifications and certification (Radio Certification, Liability Insurance)
. Tax return for the sale of goods and services (Year-end Settlement, Income Report, VAT Return)
. Whether personal information is kept and disclosed (Location Information, Access Rights)

This whitepaper is produced and distributed only by HUAPYX, and we will take a strong legal response in the event of damages to the project and its participants by forging and falsifying the contents.