Digital Currency Payments
For Everyday Use, By Everyday People
Introducing HUPAYX a human-centric payment solution that eliminates the disadvantages of
traditional payment infrastructure using fast and secure blockchain & Digital Currency based payment system.
Busan Catholic Community based TechFin Business
Pay in various methods, such as credit card, bank transfer, direct mobile payments and earn rewards by participating in community activities.

Blockchain is a technology that allows all nodes participating in the network to share the same transaction information in real time. Besides manufacturing, distribution, and public services, we expect blockchain technology to secure differentiated reliability and create new values, such as removing the middleman and reducing the fees in financial and payment service industries. Currently, international wire transfer using SWIFT usually takes 2 ~ 3 days, while using blockchain-based Digital Currency enables remittance in just 20 to 30 minutes. In addition, Digital Currency based payment is over 50% cheaper than traditional card or mobile based payments. However, despite these advantages, it is difficult to actively utilize Digital Currency at present because of high price volatility and complex payment methods. To prove the value of blockchain and to actively introduce Digital Currency-based financial services, a solution to this problem is essential.

HUPAYX and Blockchain

HUPAYX presents its convenient and fast real-time like payment service by utilizing various digital assets including Digital Currency and operates as an open payment network for all major players in the economic system, including government agencies, financial institutions, companies, fin-tech service providers and etc. The HUPAYX network is designed based on a multilayer model that allows the network to be configured independently according to load variance and business characteristics. Various networks that join HUPAYX network can own their own blockchain. The activation and utilization of HUPAYX network distributes equal benefits to various participants in its Ecosystem. HUPAYX payment platform usage and payment fees will be used as resources for direct maintenance of its network, and companies that plan to distribute products or services through HUPAYX network will not only lower payment fees but can also increase their overall sales.


HUPAYX has an ecosystem which based on the purpose and method of network participation is divided into - network alliance, application alliance, end users, merchants, and technology partners.

Network Alliance

Nodes that validate transactions and store transactions in the HUPAYX network. Put efforts to activate the network.

Application Alliance

An institution or company that has its own payment method or wants to distribute tokenized assets.

End User

The principal of payment as the end user of the payment service. End users do not pay a fee for payment.


The principal payment agent who receives payment from the end user. Small and medium-sized merchants pay a small transaction fee.

Technology Partner

Cooperation on technology development in various fields such as blockchain core technology and network construction to form HUPAYX Networks.

HUPAY Overview
Token Economy Flow

HX(H-Point) Payment type Utility Token - Function: Internal Stablecoin
H-Coin HUPAYX Stablecoin (Tether, USDT, Maker Dao etc. type, Under Development)
HUP Publicly Listed Utility Token, Platform and Reward master coin
The HUP coin used in HUPAYX network is a Native Currency, which is used as the 'Digital Currency asset for transaction processing' and 'operating system Digital Currency asset' such as smart contract. Fees for Digital Currency transactions using the HUPAYX network are modeled to be competitive compared to transaction fees in other payment systems. Transaction fees are determined once a month by voting between validation nodes in the network.Various revenues from the HUPAYX network can be distributed (rewarded) to participants in the network. * Digital Currency such as Bitcoin, digital tokenized assets, digital assets such as intellectual property or service rights can be converted into H-Point or other stablecoins within the HUPAYX payment system and used for payment. Merchants must pay the payment fee in H-Point (or HUP), which is rewarded to nodes. H-Point can function as a reward depending on the application.

Token Usages

HUPAYX can be used to pay for a variety of products & services with additional benefits provided from the HUPAYX ecosystem. Here are some examples of how you can use HUPAYX:


HX(H-Point) charged with Digital Currency and credit cards (fiat) can be used to pay at merchant POS terminals, and HUP can be paid directly for products sold exclusively at discounted price for HUP coin holders.

Transaction & Settlement

Transaction fee is paid in HUP and settled in H-Coin and Tether stablecoins, local currency, and network alliance issued coins.


By supporting a Digital Currency wallet, in-app it provides fast, fees free Digital Currency transfer between HUPAYX network and wallet users.


The HUP is rewarded to HUPAYX network participants (users, merchants, validators, etc.) and the reward benefits are extended as participation increases.


HX(H-Point) charged with Digital Currency and credit cards (fiat) can be exchanged for various Digital Currency and gift points after 60% usage.


HUPAYX network participation and payment through HX(H-Point) is possible by linking A PIs to Digital Currency exchanges and Alliance services.


The total issue volume of HUPAYX’s HUP is limited to 10 billion and is used to activate HUPAYX network participants and token ecosystem.


Initiating Project Planning and Designing


Launching Development of the System


Launching POS Development


Establishment of HUMANPLUS


Wallet, H-POS Development, &:Block (Local Currency Business) Corporation Establishment


Participate in Dubai Conference / Singapore Conference / Hold Local Currency Meetup


Mobile Payment Infrastructure (Wallet, POS, NFC Card) Beta Release


HUPAYX Payment Gateway Service Open

Mobile Payment Infrastructure (Wallet, POS, NFC Card) Official Version Release


HUPAYX Test Net Open


HUPAYX Payment Main Net

HUPAYX Payment Gateway Service Official Version Release


Global HUPAYX Service Open


HUPAYX DEX (Decentralized Exchange) Open